About Us

Digital Media Enterprises began creating successful multimedia projects in 1985, and web design in 1996. After successfully designing and implementing an Intranet and Knowledge-base, as well as several websites for a large corporation, Digital Media Enterprises was officially launched in 2001. Since then we have designed hundreds of new websites and revamped numerous existing sites for small and medium size companies and organizations, and have provided monthly website updates to keep them current.

Striving for Excellence

At Digital Media Enterprises, we strive for excellence in all we do and focus on providing the best WEB and Multimedia services possible. Our knowledge, experience, and creativity combines for high-quality, dynamic ideas that provide our clients professional web sites that stand out from the rest. We can handle all facets of web projects from inception to design, programming, hosting, monthly maintenance, search submission, and add-ons. We can draw from a vast resource of experts in almost any aspect of web design / development, Internet technologies, and multimedia.

A Unique Company

We are a creative and leading-edge company yet we communicate with our customers in a courteous, down-to-earth manner. We provide friendly help and return phone calls and emails quickly. We understand that your time is important. The majority of our growth is through client referrals, coupled with an excellent client retention.

Following Internet and Mobile Standards

Digital Media Enterprises designs and develops websites that support web standards and are responsive to allow your customers to view your website on any device. To allow universal access to our websites from desktops, tablets and mobile devices, we separate structure and presentation. Standardization can increase the access to your site and it also makes it easier for people with disabilities to use your website. Our websites are also designed and coded to be optimized for search engines. And by building the website to be search engine friendly, your site is already working for you the moment it is published live.

Leading the Way

We are constantly learning and researching new Internet and multimedia technologies, which have become increasingly important to maintaining a successful web presence for the future for desktops and mobile markets. We are already utilizing the power of enhanced interactive, media-rich and engaging websites, by using the latest web technologies such as WordPress, HTML 5, CSS3, JQuery, JavaScript , and online video. Our expertise and skills continue to grow with the rapidly changing web and digital media environments. Let us help facilitate your organization’s success through the use of these new and emerging web-based and multi-media technologies.

Power in Partners

Our business partners are professional and leading edge organizations that provide online marketing, print, logos, webcasts, video production, Online-education and much more. This allows us to enhance and expand our offerings to our customers by getting support and knowledge from a large team of people even though we are a small company. We have worked with our partners for several years and they help provide our clients a complete powerful package all from one place with at a lower cost.

  • Beeline Design Inc. has established a strong reputation for providing stellar logos that mirror their Clients’ service offerings and overall image. Their professional logos are developed using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign CC, software programs that offer the most versatile formats and supplies the most preferred layout for web design, vinyl signage, embroidery digitizing, and printing.
  • provides live webcasts and related video services and collaborative web-based learning environments and has been a leader in online video and webcast technologies. They have provided webcasts for clients around the world. Top professional equipment, services and results!
  • The College of Exploration is a global learning network. They work with partners around the world on innovative and exploratory learning programs about our environment, the earth, the ocean, technology, leadership, learning and creativity.

What our customers say?

“Web designer” and “Web master” are titles that can mean a lot of things. But ultimately your business image is in their hands. So choose a company that is able to listen and create from your own words a web page better than you could do for yourself. For me, Digital Media is all that and more. I trust their experience and talent and I feel they communicate with me better than any other company. A web page is a very fluid thing and its strength is that it can change and evolve. You’ll need a web company you can talk to, so choose Digital Media Enterprises.

Sandy Sowada
The Lost Dog B&B